Having a brand new bathroom designed and install would maybe be spoiled by having personal items laid out with nowhere to put them. Spare towels, shavers, toothpaste, glasses and other items that would make the bathroom look perfect.

Bathroom furniture & storage will not only look good from the range we offer but will be 100% practical too. Floating modular unit will add a modern look and feel where some include sound system that connect by Bluetooth to your mobile or tablets.

Pelipal products have been honoured several times and are manufactured at ultra-modern production facilities.

Only the perfect combination of design and function makes Pelipal bath furniture this unique

Well over 90% of Pelipal modular furniture is made in Germany. Our productions facilities located in Schlangen and Eisenberg are among some of the most advances facilities in the globe. The team are well experienced and high qualified and craftsmanship. Ever piece of furniture they are proud of.

The furniture we produce offers a lot of storage space. Side furniture along with washbasin base cabinets with additional drawer inserts and organisational sets. This it how order is kept in your new bathroom without any effort!
The furniture comes in a wide range of colours, entirely for you very individual requirements. With the wide range of colours, shades and haptic properties you are sure to find what you are looking for.
The velvety, high gloss, soft lamiate front décors offer you a special, tactile experience which is never forgotten.
For your new, luxury bathroom you have the choice of beautiful furnishing solutions that have very good value for money. Your expectation with regards to product featured along with price is met completely. 
Pelipal furniture and washbasins can be easily and comfortably cleaned without the use of aggressive cleaning products. 
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