Crosswater Digital Showers in Cottingham

Crosswater Digital Showers in Cottingham Infographic Sized

Are you fed up of a luke warm shower that trickles out of the shower head? What you want is a powerful, hot shower to wake you up in the morning or help you wind down in the evening. A Crosswater Digital shower in your bathroom is the answer.

Crosswater Digital showers offer a sleek and sophisticated look that allows them to integrate into every style of bathroom we design for you. Offered to you in a luxury chrome and metal finish with touches of ceramic aids a premium look too.

A Crosswater Digitals shower will also make your life easier. All you have to do to find the perfect temperature is simply tap the control dial and watch the flashing white light which indicates that the shower is heating up. Once the lights stop flashing and start to illuminate constantly – your perfect shower awaits you.

For more information on our Crosswater Digital showers, please read here and if you are interested, give us a call and find out how we at The Bathroom Sanctuary can incorporate a Crosswater Digital shower in your new bathroom.