Hull Walk In Shower Fitters

Crosswater Digital Showering makes showering even simpler. All you have to do to activate the perfect temperature water is by gently pressing the control dial then watch the controls flash white which indicated the shower heating up.

When the lights stop flashing and start to illuminate – the water is ready for you. All you have to do is step in and relish in the perfect water.

Automatic Shut Off
If the water supply in your home fails, the shower will completely turn off – keeping your and the family safe.

Quiet Pump
Get higher pressures showering without the loud noise. The Crosswater integrated pump on the low-pressure models boast an brush-less, quiet motor.

Flexible Options
You have the choice from an array of options for single shower heads, dual shower heads and dual shower and bath flow with bath filler and click clack waste.

Consistent Temperature
The advanced thermostatic control will automatically maintain the water at a set temperature, even if someone else in the house turns on a tap.

Cleaning Options
Activate the cleaning without accidentally turning on the shower. Press and hold the power button to enable cleaning mode.

Temperature Override
Every digital processor on the Crosswater Digital Showers have a maximum, pre-set temperature of 41°C and as bath temperatures are usually always higher, the bath temperature is pre-set at 41°C. Both can be overridden and adjusted.